Photography Guides

One-Light Portraits

This ebook is YOUR handy guide to setting up and using a single off-camera light to create effective portraiture with a digital camera. The techniques I demonstrate are the very ones I use myself. Incredibly easy and intuitive once you gain a little experience with them. After reading just a few pages, you’ll be able to create beautiful one-light portraits almost immediately.

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Two-Light Portraits

My new guide, TWO-LIGHT PORTRAITS builds on what you learned in the ONE-LIGHT ebook. Go beyond the key light to create more sophisticated looks.

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Introduction to Close-Up & Macro Photography

Everything you need to get started with close-up & macro photography! You can start taking AMAZING macro photos with the lenses you already have. Learn how to use inexpensive tools and lighting techniques to create exciting larger-than-life images!

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Still Life:  Making Art with Tabletop Photography

A handy introduction to building compositions on your tabletop to create beautiful art.  How to use classic patterns of placement to tell a story.  How to use light effectively to create a mood.  From simple/minimal still life compositions, to the multi-layered arrangements, and post-processing approaches; this ebook is a great place to get started.  You’ll be making your first impressive still life in minutes!

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Boudoir & Nude Photography

Artistic Nudes

This is the followup to our popular “Nudes & Bodyscapes” package.  This set features a variety of simple, classic nude poses.  All of the images shown can be reproduced with a simple two-light setup.  Ed shows you how to do this with flash and umbrellas, but you can use any light.  Images and shoot notes are presented for easy viewing and reference.

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Nudes & Bodyscapes

If you’ve been interested in trying figure studies, or nude abstracts, give bodyscape photography a try.  It’s very easy to do with minimal lighting and basic post-processing adjustments.  

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Freestyle Boudoir

Learn how to put a freestyle boudoir photoshoot together. I cover everything from finding the right models (paid, trade, etc.), to getting images out right away. I walk you through different sets of images and explain my process and how it can work for you.

  • Planning a Shoot
  • Casting/Model Calls
  • Finding the RIGHT Model
  • Photoshoot Workflow
  • Editing Workflow
  • Same Day Preview/Proof Galleries

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Photoshoot Notebook:  Gianna

One photoshoot, five different looks, over 100 images.  Includes short descriptions of the approach, gear, and setup for each look.  Every shot was created with only one light (speedlite and constant light are demonstrated).  A quick reference for ideas. Get this ebook and get inspired to try some of these looks yourself.  *Includes some light nudity.

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Boudoir #2:  Sensuality Without Nudity

If you OR your clients would like to create beautiful boudoir-style imagery WITHOUT nudity, this guide is for you.  Capture sensuality and sexiness while maintaining a degree of modesty. 

Great for models and clients who want beautiful Boudoir, but aren’t comfortable removing all of their clothing in front of the camera.  I offer tips for both implied and demure looks.  Use this as a pose “flip book” to communicate the looks to your model; show her the pose and she’ll know what to do.

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