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This video is NSFW. Mature content.


Several years ago it started to look like DSLR video was going to become something important, even for the average still shooter.  I was sure that boudoir photographers would be able to capitalize on it as a way to add value to their boudoir packages.  But as time went on, it became obvious to me that a few important things would have to fall into place for that to happen.

For one, being good at still composition and lighting doesn’t necessarily translate to capturing moving images.  Then there are the new skills most budding video creators have to acquire in terms of audio, directing, and editing.   These things aren’t easy to learn, let alone master, and capturing and producing video isn’t particularly intuitive for people who’ve developed a still (and retouching) workflow.  In many ways, video isn’t as easy to “fix” as stills are.

Another thing that’s going to greatly impact the success of any video like this, is the subject’s (client or model) ability to perform for video.  And it’s hard to know how things are going to go before a session takes place.  Your client might surprise you and actually perform better for video than for her static images.  Or, it might be the other way around.  Who knows?

My model for this shoot is an amazing talent with lots of experience in both static poses and tease-style video.  Not everyone you work with is going to be as comfortable and confident as she is in front of a camera.  But most people can vamp it up enough over the course of a session, for you to capture at least a couple of minutes of usable video.

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  1. Great job by both you and MK. I have shot MK several times in various venues and settings. She is what I would term a “natural” model. It doesn’t surprise me that she has come as far, so fast, as she has.

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