Flash Portraiture Made Easy

A New Photography Course by Ed Verosky


Finally.  A Method That Works.

Even if you’re completely new to flash photography, especially off-camera flash, you’ll be able to do pro-level lighting by the time you complete this course.  I cover important topics quickly without bogging you down in theory.   No time wasted.  Just the information and instruction you need to get going fast.  After taking this course, you’ll know all about…

  • Selecting the right flash 

  • Using the best camera and flash settings

  • Flash triggers, light stands, modifiers

  • One-light portraits

  • Two-light and multi-light setups

  • Using setups that work EVERY TIME

Photography Instructor

Ed Verosky

Photography Instructor

Your Instructor

I’m excited to take my 30+ years of experience behind the camera and share it with new students like you!  Over the years, I’ve written and published several instructional eBooks and courses about flash photography and portraiture.  I also run an 11,000 member Facebook group for photographers and I create photography tutorials for my YouTube channel (over 54,000 subscribers strong!).  I look forward to helping you succeed in this Flash Photography course!

I’ve also written for several sites and publications, including…


Professional Flash Portraiture

You’ll Learn…

Flash Portrait Gear

Understand and equip yourself with basic, affordable lighting, support, and modifiers.

Know the RIGHT Settings

You’ll know why and how your flash and camera settings work.  No more confusion.

Lighting Setups

Quickly master the KEY light, then become proficient in two- and three-light setups!

Flash Portraiture Made Easy

Course Lessons

This course is presented as a series of short videos.


What exactly will you gain from this course?  By the time you’ve completed this short course, you’ll be able to do professional-level portraits.   Even if you’re completely new to flash photography.  That’s not an overstatement; this course teaches you everything you need to know about practical flash portraiture.  All you need is a digital camera to get started; if you have at least one flash, great!  If not, I’ll help you figure out what types of flash lighting to get. 

Most lessons are provided as short, easy-to-digest videos (approx. 3-10 min. ea.) in a lecture-style presentation featuring slides and video.  And, you’ll be happy to know that this course doesn’t focus too much on theory, because we get to practical, useful instruction right away!  Here’s a breakdown of the course curriculum:

Introduction to Lighting Gear

  • Types of Flash:  Speedlights & Strobes
  • Flash Sync & Triggering Options
  • Light stands, adapters, & support gear
  • Lighting Modifiers

Setting Up Your Flash

  • Gear Recommendations
  • Using TTL
  • Manual Flash
  • Understanding Exposure

One-Light Portraits

  • Key Light Setup
  • Portrait Lighting Patterns
  • Key Light Placement & Settings
  • Backgrounds

Multi-Light Portraits

  • Two-Light Setups
  • Three-Light Setups
  • Other Lighting Setups

This course also includes the following BONUSES…


You can download these instructional eBooks from the course “Bonus Materials” section.



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If you are not completely satisfied with your course, just let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase.  No questions asked.


If you are not completely satisfied with your course, just let us know and we’ll refund your entire purchase.  No questions asked.