Flash & Portraiture Photography Guides!



A complete guide to help you master flash! 

After reading this, you’ll be able to produce great flash photography quickly and easily, in any situation.

  • Finally learn how to leverage MANUAL mode.
  • Know when to use TTL to your advantage.
  • Be prepared with specific camera settings for ANY situation.
  • Take the stress out of using flash.
  • Achieve beautiful light, and professional results, EVERYTIME.

Bonus Portrait Guide!

portrait advice bonus


This bonus guide will help you become a better portrait photographer.  Remember, it’s not just about lighting, it’s also about working with your subjects to create beautiful portraits.

The following topics are covered:

  • The Art & Craft of Portraiture
  • How to build a SUCCESSFUL portfolio
  • How to find MODELS (best practices)
  • Working with models
  • Developing your own unique STYLE

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