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Want to create beautiful Boudoir photography but not sure where to start?

I’ll be honest.  I was completely out of my element when I first started doing Boudoir photography.  As a portrait photographer, I thought I knew enough to get by.  But there were a lot of things I wasn’t prepared for.

Fast-forward a few months, I managed to figure out what I was doing wrong, and how I could do things better.  It cost me some time, money, and occasional embarrassment, but I finally got good at this.  And so can you.

My Freestyle Boudoir course will show you exactly what you need to know to get started.  Avoid the costly mistakes, and create impressive Boudoir from the start!

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Freestyle Boudoir


What is Freestyle Boudoir?  It’s an approach to doing Boudoir in a more creative, free-flowing way.  Traditional Boudoir tends to be more slick, retouched, and unrealistic.  With my Freestyle Boudoir approach, the goal is to create editorial-style images.  Something you’d be more likely to see in a magazine than in a lingerie catalog. 

These images are alluring because they have more substance and “realness” to them.  Freestyle Boudoir can be edgy, gritty, and amazingly sexy.  And they can be created with any camera, and minimal lighting gear.  Put your own spin on this approach to create images that show off your personal style.  Offering something unique is the best way to create demand for your photography.

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This course is all you need to get started with Freestyle Boudoir.

Learn how to put a freestyle boudoir photoshoot together. I cover everything from finding the right models (paid, trade, etc.), to getting images out right away. I walk you through different sets of images and explain my process and how it can work for you.  After taking this course, you’ll know all about…

  • Planning a Shoot 

  • Casting/Model Calls

  • Finding the RIGHT Model

  • Photoshoot Workflow

  • Editing Workflow

  • Same Day Preview/Proof Galleries

Included with the Course

Get These Valuable Bonuses!

Download these valuable tools to use in your shoots ($200 value)!

Freestyle Boudoir eBook

200 pages of advice, instructions on simple lighting setups, and 100’s of example images from the course. Download this for off-line reference, and as a handy flip book for your model.


50 Presets for Lightroom

50 Custom Presets that will save you hours of editing time. I created my Vendetta preset collection with Freestyle Boudoir in mind. Create edgy looks with the click of a button!


Model Release Forms

Model release forms are an absolute necessity. I’m including both types covered in the course; paid and trade (TF*) agreements. These have worked well for me over the years. Tweak to your needs. 


Behind-The-Scenes Video

Lighting setups and scenes from several actual Boudoir shoots.  Learn by watching.  This is my freestyle approach to boudoir.


Your lessons and bonuses are waiting for you inside.

No risk, 60-day money back guarantee. 

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You’ll Learn…

How to Find Great Models

Great models are everywhere.  You just have to know where to look AND what to look for.

How to do Successful Photoshoots

Even if you’ve never done Boudoir before, my approach makes it easy to get great results.

How to Edit Quickly

You can have your selection galleries up the same day of your shoot.  Better previews in less time.

Photography Instructor

Ed Verosky

Photography Instructor

Your Instructor

I’m excited to take my 30+ years of experience behind the camera and share it with new students like you!  Over the years, I’ve written and published several instructional eBooks and courses about photography.  I also run an 11,000 member Facebook group for photographers and I create photography tutorials for my YouTube channel (over 54,000 subscribers strong!).  I look forward to helping you succeed in this Freestyle Boudoir course!

I’ve also written for several sites and publications, including…


Freestyle Boudoir

Course Lessons

What exactly will you gain from this course?  You’ll get valuable tips and actionable advice in the first few minutes!  Stuff you can use right away.  Most lessons are provided as short, easy-to-digest videos (approx. 5-10 min. ea.) along with supplemental content and images.  Here’s a breakdown of the course curriculum.  But don’t forget, there are valuable bonuses included, too!

Plan your shoots for success. 

It’s not just about the ideas you have BEFORE the shoot, it’s also about finding inspiration and being open to new ideas DURING the shoot.  I’ll show you how to get the MOST from every shoot you book!

Finding Models. 

Finding and working with the right model is going to make your shoot more enjoyable and productive.  In this lesson, we’ll talk about where to look for models and how to post effective model calls.  Well also cover model compensation and other matters you should be aware of before working with a model.

Photoshoot & Editing Workflows. 

While no two photoshoots are exactly the same, having a simple workflow process in place can help make things go smoothly as you start to book more shoots.  In this lesson, we’ll go over my usual approach to putting a shoot together.   Plus, we’ll talk about editing and how to make it a quick and painless process.

Beginning the Shoot:  Warm-up Shots.

No matter how enthusiastic your model is about doing a set of pictures with you, most people need a few minutes to get comfortable in their surroundings, if not in front of the camera itself.  I like to start most photoshoots off with a “warm-up” period; a chance for the model and me to develop some rapport and ease into the rhythm of the shoot.  I’ll break this down into easy-to-follow steps.

Simple Tops, Simple Direction.   

In this lesson, we’ll talk more about how to build and maintain good rapport with your model.  I’ll go over a few specific examples of how I use simple pieces of wardrobe and basic direction to move the shoot along.

Floor Shots. 

The floor shot is one of several simple shots that (almost) always work.  Lighting is easy, and the results can be amazing.  If it’s working, show the model to give her a boost of confidence!  I’ll walk you through several examples and talk about how I prompt the model to take on a character to play the poses out.

Get Creative.

Be open to ideas that come up in the moment.  And don’t get stuck shooting the same way all through the shoot.  Try different perspectives and angles.  Experiment with framing from wide shots to interesting crops.  Also, embrace imperfection!  Don’t be afraid of a little blur, or images that aren’t tack sharp;  those things often add to the mystic of editorial-style images if used properly.

No Flash?  No Problem.

One of the goals of this course is to demonstrate how working with minimal gear (as well as other limitations) shouldn’t prevent you from creating images with impact.  Let’s take a look at that scenario as I challenge myself to a no-flash Freestyle Boudoir photoshoot.  As you’ll see, it’s possible to use household lighting and window light to create beautiful images.  In a way, it can even feel liberating; not having to deal with the technical aspects of flash frees you up to focus on other things. 

Four Example Shoots.

I’ll walk you through shot sequences from four different shoots as we go over, in detail, my approach to each set.  This will not only include my selection and batch editing approach, but also some tips on quick ways to create impact with simple tools like cropping and presets.  What’s great is that you’ll receive all the presets I use in the demos as a BONUS!

Gallery Generation. 

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to make your final edits, tweaks and preview gallery.  My goal is to spend less time at the computer and more time behind the camera.  Once the photos are shot, let’s get the selection gallery ready for the model/client right away.

  Bonuses & Resources:

  • Model Releases (Paid & TF* versions)
  • 50 Custom Presets for Lightroom
  • 200-page eBook:  Freestyle Boudoir
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video (approx. 5.5 min.)
  • JUST ADDED:  100-page eBook (one model, 5 looks)! 


Freestyle Boudoir Course
  • By the time you reach the end of this course, you’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the world.

    The Freestyle Boudoir course by Ed Verosky is worth every moment that you will spend with it. The whole thing is logically plotted and beautifully produced, and there are free downloads that certainly add even more value to the course. But, as is the case any time Ed provides instruction, what makes the Freestyle Boudoir course truly worthwhile is the manner in which Ed takes you through real life scenarios and gives practical advice that anyone can follow. Absent of any pretense or doublespeak, Ed’s teaching style is concerned with what matters most — equipping you with the confidence and inspiration needed to get you shooting beautiful boudoir photography of your own.
    This course contains a wealth of information, yet it’s never long winded. Both text and video are concise and easily consumed, thanks in large part to Ed’s friendly, conversational style. From workflow and editing advice to tips on how to find models to the previously alluded to bonus materials (including presets and behind the scenes videos), Ed Verosky’s Freestyle Boudoir course is a victory at every turn. By the time you reach the end of this course, you’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the world. And that’s the hallmark of having a great teacher!
    By the time you reach the end of this course, you’ll feel like you’re ready to conquer the world.
    Jason Little, Photographer
    New York City, NY
  • Great course...I would recommend

    Great course for photographers who are stepping into the area of shooting with models or shooting boudoir-style photography. Ed’s relaxed style and abundant examples explain how to plan your shoot, find people to photograph, and how to shoot and edit your images. If you’re new to working in this genre, I would recommend this course.

    Great course...I would recommend
    Tim Weaver
    Phoenix, AZ
If you are not completely satisfied with your course, just let me know and I'll refund your entire purchase.  No questions asked.


If you are not completely satisfied with your course, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire purchase.  No questions asked.


Your lessons and bonuses are waiting for you inside.

No risk, 60-day money back guarantee. 

*NOTICE: Intended for those 18 years of age and older. Many of the images included in this package contain some degree of nudity. Please do not purchase if you do not wish to view nudity or if this type of material is not legal in your part of the world.