I decided to look for some quotes about nudity in art to open this post with.  But most of what I found was just a load of pretentious bullshit.  This, my friends, is an elegant pose illuminated by one flash from above.  It’s that simple.  What happens after an image like this is captured?  Another image, then another, and so on.  Then it’s posted for the world to see.  Then all the opinions and baggage and psychological projections viewers might come to this image with can be experienced, if not shared uninvited.  Your reaction, if any, to this image tells more about you than it does about the subject or the photographer.

DLSR. 50mm. Flash modified with shoot-through umbrella.

From my Lighting & Posing Series:  Nudes & Bodyscapes.

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  1. An interesting shot because not only is it artistic in itself as it is edited but if you cut it in half at the waist line each half stands well on its own.

  2. No pretentious bullshit from me – I love it for what it is, a great photograph with fabulous use of light and shadow.

  3. I find the waist to the feet in stark contrast to the upper part of the the image

  4. How did you manadge to keep the background so dark with a shoot through umbrella? Great skills involved.

    1. The background is a black seamless and the light is directed down rather than front to back. There’s a lot of info about this in the “Nudes & Bodyscapes” package.

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