Everything You Need to Know for
Amazing Close-Up & Macro Shots

  • Gear List & Techniques

    Every popular piece of equipment is covered, from the least expensive solutions to high-end macro lenses. Learn to how use them all effectively.

  • Lighting

    Think you need a "macro" flash? Think again. You'll learn how to use your regular flash (even your pop-up) to get quality close-up lighting.

  • Gear Comparisons

    A whole section of the book uses high-resolution examples that make it easy to compare different close-up and macro options, so you can decide what's right for you.

  • Examples

    Special effects, Product Shots, Food Photography, Flowers, Insects, and Abstract images are all covered. Easy to learn.

  • What to Avoid

    Learn which tools are best to avoid, and which solutions work best. This book can save you hundreds of $$$.

  • Anyone Can Do It

    Get started right away no matter what your skill level. Download this eBook & take great close-up and macro shots the SAME DAY.

  • "An Excellent Guide"

    "Ed Verosky's newest book is an excellent guide to macro photography! I appreciate that he includes options for every budget and discusses the pros and cons of each. I cannot wait to try his technique, especially photographing water droplets!"

    Kim Puchalski

    Close-Up Photography Enthusiast

    "Covers All The Basics"

    "I have been a keen close-up photographer ever since I bought my extension tubes and I have taught myself to use what I have to make some great images. I wish this book was available when I started. It covers all the basics to get you on the road to producing some wonderful results whatever you wish to photograph in a close-up fashion. I am always surprised to find out things in Ed's books that I didn't know. This excellent Introduction to Close-Up and Macro Photography has done it again."

    Ryan Morris

    Close-Up Photography Enthusiast

    Close-Up & Macro Made Easy!

    "There's nothing like getting really close-up and exploring the simplest things as they take on the form of new landscapes. This book shows you how to discover these hidden worlds. Learn how to make the most of any gear you currently own, and how to wisely invest in new tools as you find the need. You'll never have the excuse that there's nothing to take pictures of, or that you've seen it all before. You'll find that everything, and I mean everything (like items just lying around the house), will now offer exciting and unlimited photo opportunities."

    "This book is for anyone who needs to take photos of food and details at events, items for online sales, documentation and cataloging, and just for the fun of it. Plus, I include plenty of tips that can easily make your shots more impressive than the average close-up shot." -- Ed Verosky

    So Much In One eBook!

    • 75+ Pages

    • Gear Comparisons Save $$$

    • Lighting Techniques

    • Food Photography

    • Product Photography

    • Nature Photography

    • Special Effects

    • Fast & Easy Instruction

    • There's even a Money-Back Guarantee!

    "A Recipe for Success"

    "Like the other Ed Verosky eBooks I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, Introduction to Close-Up & Macro Photography, is a thoughtful, accessible document that moves along at a pace brisk enough to keep the reader engaged and presents a wealth of information that doesn’t overload or distract from the learning process. While this book may be primarily aimed at beginner macro photographers, it is hardly facile; seasoned macro shooters might also find value in these pages. Introduction to Close-Up & Macro Photography is, in short, a recipe for success."

    Jason D. Little


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