Professional-Quality Digital Backgrounds

  • Believable Backgrounds

    Learn the best way to get realistic and professional digital background results.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

    Follow three quick example projects (files included). Very easy, and effective.

  • Bonus Backgrounds

    Forty of my custom backgrounds and textures. Use for your own photos!

  • Compositing, Too!

    You'll learn my techniques for using layers, selections, masks, and effects.

  • Unlimited Choices

    Printed backgrounds are expensive; digital ones offer unlimited options.

  • Pros & Beginners

    You can master exciting digital backgrounds easily; greate for any skill level.

  • Digital Backgrounds & Compositing Techniques

    Over 70 pages of step-by-step instructions and tips. This guide shows anyone with Photoshop how to use layers and simple compositing to create professional digital background results. Replace boring backgrounds in your images. Give any portrait subject or model an exciting, REALISTIC new background!

    "Shooting against a simple background and following up with some basic compositing work can benefit those of us with limited space, time, and money to spend. A photographer can use virtual backgrounds in an unlimited choice of styles without having to invest in expensive backdrops or take the time to setup in numerous locations. A clean, light-colored background, and the tools to replace that background digitally is all you need to start saving time and money." -- Ed Verosky

    Change Backgrounds Easily!

    Plus, 40 Bonus Backgrounds & Textures!

    Combine To Create Unlimited Combinations!

    Get Started with Exciting New Backgrounds!

    Digital Backgrounds & Compositing Techniques

    Digital Backgrounds eBook
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    PDF eBook for Computer or Tablet with PDF reader.
    Includes My Bonus Backgrounds & Textures Sample Set!