Learn important new concepts easily and quickly

  • The Camera

    Basic DSLR features and components. Get to know your camera inside and out. How to Evaluate Your Exposures and Make Fast Adjustments. Learn to quickly identify what to adjust for better photos.

  • Exposure

    Everything you need to know about EXPOSURE settings. You'll never be lost again when you finally have a true understanding of exposure and learn how to apply it as a professional.

  • Core Concepts Made Easy

    White Balance, Shooting Modes, Basics of Using Flash. Lots of good information put together in a way that makes it easy and fast to learn.

  • The Fundamentals are Key

    Once you’ve read through and understand what we’ve presented here, you should be able to move forward with the confidence of knowing how DSLRs function and how exposure works. From there, you’ll be able to more effectively learn and discuss advanced photography concepts. Don't put it off anymore, learn the fundamentals!

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